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Selecting The Perfect Flooring Material For Your Conservatory

There are so many options on the market that it can be hard to choose the right flooring for bespoke conservatories. It probably won’t come as a surprise to you to learn that the flooring you choose will make a real difference to the feel of your conservatory. Things that you should consider before making the decision include the size and shape of your conservatory as well as the type of furniture you intend to use. Of course, you should also give serious thought to how you expect to use your conservatory.

There are five main types of flooring that you are likely to be offered for your conservatory. Wood (both real wood and engineered wood), carpet, vinyl and laminate flooring are the main options. When properly installed in a conservatory which doesn’t have any problems with leaking, any of these solutions would be suitable.

Laminate flooring is a good cheap alternative to real wood and is very easy to install. The wide range of styles and colors ensure that modern laminate flooring looks fantastic. It is tough, and it is quick and simple to replace any individual panels that may become damaged. So easy to fit, laminate has gone on to become the most popular of the floorings options on the market due to great value mixed with a great look. Being wiped clean is another significant advantage when conservatories so often have people walking in with greasy feel or spilling things during barbecues.

There is, of course, a reason why real wood is considered to be so desirable, despite being much more expensive and harder to fit. You can tell the difference against even the very best laminate, so if you can afford the option, it is worth considering. Stylish and sophisticated, but also a natural temperature regulator, you can see why people continue to go for wood floors.

The big downside with wood is swelling though. When you have either humidity or a disparity in temperature between the flooring and the surface below this can cause swelling. Wood grows in damp weather and contracts in dry weather, so any room susceptible to changing conditions will be at risk. Another great way to combat the problem is to use engineered wood, where real wood is put in a thinner layer on top of another material which isn’t susceptible to swelling.

Vinyl isn’t as common in conservatories but depending on what you use your room for it can be a useful material. It is easy to clean and fully waterproof so it your floor often gets wet or is often used as a walkway between the garden and indoors then it could be worth looking at. It doesn’t hurt that vinyl is cheap as chips either.