Hormann Garage Doors Design and Technology

The Hormann garage doors provide more space on the front and the inside of the garage. These doors provide enough space where the car can be driven directly up to the door where it is parked. There garage doors are made of aluminium material which is of high quality and are corrosion free. The garage door is also operated using the most modern Hormann operator technology. Hormann Roller Doors are aluminium insulated roller shutter doors. The door slats are double skinned with aluminium foam thus producing a quite strong and smooth finish that suits the opening of the garage perfectly. The door is remote controlled and electronically operated using the various modern Hormann control accessories. The door’s standard operation is normally done with two remote control hand gadgets and a push button located inside the control panel and has an integrated light.

The Hormann garage Doors are designed using tried and tested technology with the Hormann low voltage 24V direct current motor. Driving the roller shutter door from the left side using a gear drive that has a tension spring balance on the opposite end provides a perfect drive of the door. In the event that there is a power failure, a manual override is also installed which involves a releasing a simple pull cord in order to open and close the door almost without any effort. This is much better compared to the winding handle system.

The doors do not have a bottom sensor which is normally a requirement for all other types of tube roller shutter doors that are motor driven. This type of door by Hormann uses an advanced technology whereby it is able to detect any obstruction. This technology has been proven to be more reliable for door operators and lasts longer. Opening and closing of the doors is made simpler by the lifting of the door being in perfect balance provided by the spring system which reconnects by simply placing the cord back in its place. This type of override system is the simplest to use for roller doors.

The garage door package and accessories

The things that are included in the package of the Hormann Roller Doors include an internal impulse control panel with a light, one mini HSM 4 and one micro-HSE 2 transmitters, an automatic safety cut out which detects obstruction, a soft start and soft stop, an emergency release from the inside with a pull cord, a full aluminium hood enclosing the roll, colour matched guides, and an integrated mechanical door security kit. The accessories include an emergency exterior manual release, and emergency backup for power failure situations, an acoustic door alarm security kit, slats with glazing sections, and all the other control accessories for the standard door operator including finger readers, transmitters, timers, and card readers among others.

The Hormann Roller Doors also come in a variety of colours and some of the colours available include dark brown, light blue, steel blue, green, red, and black. These doors can be installed outside, behind or even in between structural openings.