Keeping a Cast Iron Wood Stove Well Maintained

Cast Iron Stoves are a great heat source for both entire homes and single rooms or areas. Though the cast iron does take a little time to heat up, it will keep putting off heat hours after the fire inside goes out. The stoves have many features that make them easy to use, clean and maintain. Apart from the classic black and the antique, most of these iron stoves are painted with porcelain enamel which is highly durable.

Keeping cast iron stoves clean on both the inside and also the outside will keep it in a good working condition, and prevent wear and staining. Once the stove is cold, empty, and cleared of accessories, you can get to work dusting of residue, dust or debris. A scrub with a wire scrub will remove anything baked on the exterior surface.

Taking good care of cast iron stoves is paramount for its long life which guarantees more service time from the stove.