Oak floorboards

Oak flooring is a wonderful choice of floor finish. An oak floor looks beautiful and classy plus it is also very durable, it can last for very many years without needing repair or replacement. Oak flooring will also automatically increase the value of your home given that oak floors are considered sophisticated and are highly sort after in the real estate market. In addition, oak timber does not absorb any liquid and therefore it is an appropriate floor material for rooms which may be exposed to water and other liquids such as the kitchen and bathrooms. Oak floors can easily be cleaned by sweeping or mopping.
Oak flooring however has a few drawbacks. These include being prone to scratches and pricks, having a tendency to fade over time, and vulnerability to stubborn stains.
For an oak timber flooring, you will need to purchase oak floorboards and have them installed for you. There are three main types of oak floorboards which you can choose from. These are solid oak floorboards, engineered oak floorboards, and laminate oak floorboards.

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Solid oak floorboards are made from a single piece of oak timber. They are very strong and durable, they can last for more than 35 years once installed. They can also be treated and sanded to improve their look in case they wear out with time. Solid oak floorboards however have the disadvantage of not being available in various lengths and widths and also being capable of contracting in cold conditions and expanding when exposed to heat.
Engineered oak floorboards are made from an upper layer of oak timber which is then supported by about 4 syntactic layers. They are therefore available in various sizes. Engineered oak is also cheaper than solid oak and does not get affected by cold or heat. The only disadvantage it has is less durability. It can only last for up to about 25 years.
Laminate oak floorboards are also made using a layer of oak timber on top of other materials. They come in a variety of colours and styles. They are a top choice to go for if you want a floor which will add some warmth and texture to a room.
When purchasing oak floorboards, make sure you do so from trusted dealers. This will ensure that the timber you purchase is of good quality and is durable.